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Online Hypnotherapy & Clinical Hypnosis for Weight loss:

Find today’s date on a calendar, then count forward 14 weeks. Imagine losing TWO stone by that date!

What would that mean for you? How would you feel? Imagine that.

Imagine too all the other positive benefits which that will bring to your life – previous clients have reported benefits such as; sleeping better, feeling more confidence, more energy, less anxiety, better relationships, improved self worth.

Or imagine changing nothing, and getting to that date with no progress, no success, only more self sabotage and more time wasted. Which future sounds better?

Emotional Eating?

We’re told that weight loss is about calories, about simple math. Eat less + Move more = Success.
So, if it’s that simple why do so many people struggle?
And why do people who lose weight often put it straight back on again? Why do people spend a fortune on gym memberships and personal trainers yet are still unhappy with their results and with themselves?
It’s often said you can’t out-train an bad diet. It is also true that you can’t out-diet, or out-train a bad Mindset.
When it comes to effective, sustained weight loss making those positive shifts in your mindset, your beliefs and your thinking is crucial.
How you Think is the basis for everything you do and achieve in life. Often we change our diet, or change our fitness routines without first changing our thinking. While this may lead to some short term gains, they rarely stick – because we still have all the same old beliefs, the same old pain, the same emotional wounds, and those same old patterns of self destructive behavior.
But when you change your thinking first, when you deal with the underlying pain, heal those emotional needs, repair those unhealthy behaviors – then eating healthier and being more active become a consequence, an outcome rather than an input.
Start with your beliefs. Beliefs about what’s possible for you, about why you eat, about why you feel the way you do. Work on those beliefs of who you are, and who you’re no longer willing to be.
Mindset first; and everything else will be far simpler, far quicker and far longer lasting.
Get in touch for online hypnotherapy and clinical hypnosis and begin your weight loss journey.

More Online Hypnotherapy Services:

Living with chronic pain isn’t living at all. If there was a possibility of easing it, of softening it and letting it go, you’d explore that possibility, right?
I did. After six years of ‘living with’ it … I learned to let Go of all that unnecessary, useless pain, and to deal with the underlying stress and emotional turbulence I’d associated with it.
Pain does serve an important purpose – it’s there to protect us. But sometimes it outlives that purpose, and that’s when we have to take action to turn it off. The issue is that Chronic pain is a stimulus response behavior beyond our conscious control … which is why using Hypnosis (changing those subconscious associations) has been shown to be so effective for pain relief.
Research has also shown that an accumulation of STRESS or prolonged interaction with a STRESSFUL environment often results in us developing unhealthy coping mechanisms & addictions, Or it can lead to ‘Psychosomatic’ Illnesses such as IBS, Insomnia, Migraine, chronic pain…
Imagine what it will be like to eliminate that stress and be pain Free? To have a good day, every day. To remove that worry and anxiety around those ‘what if’ moments. To enjoy life, fully again.
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How long do Online Hypnotherapy sessions last?

All Professional Hypnotherapy Sessions are conducted online via video call (Zoom) and last between 45-90 minutes depending on the subject. I have flexible time slots available including evening and weekend to suit the needs of my clients.

Delivering Online hypnotherapy and clinical hypnosis is safe, effective and more efficient for my clients. Geography should not be a barrier to you getting the support you need.

How many Online Hypnotherapy sessions will I need?

The amount of online hypnotherapy or clinical hypnosis sessions you’ll require varies depending on the nature and severity of the issue. As a guide: for effective, long lasting change – Smoking and Phobias; 1-3 sessions. Depression, Emotional Recovery, Weight Loss and Anxiety: 8 sessions. All plans are tailored specifically to fit your individual needs. Real, positive change can and often will happen from the very first session.

What Happens during an online / virtual hypnotherapy session?

All online hypnotherapy sessions are like a collaborative conversation. We’ll talk about your thoughts, feelings, behavior and emotions and help you gain a deeper understanding of what’s driving them. Sessions may also contain processes such as visualization, guided imagery, emotional freedom technique and mindful breathing practice.

Can I be Hypnotized?

Yes. Hypnosis is a skill we can all access, practice and develop. It involves you utilizing and developing your natural ability to focus and engage your imagination. It’s also something you can become better and better at through practice.

What's Hypnosis actually like?

People report differing sensations as it’s an individual experience. You may at times feel like you’re floating on a cloud, at other times you may feel as though you’re deeply relaxed, while at at other times you may not be consciously aware of anything at all. Hypnosis is about communicating with your subconscious or unconscious mind, the back of your mind, those deep parts of your psyche. Not being able to consciously notice or feel what’s happening doesn’t mean that deep change isn’t occurring. Trust the process and trust your unconscious mind to deliver what’s right for you.

Is it Mind Control?

No, and also Yes. It’s about You taking control of your own mind, and learning to control those thoughts, sensations and emotions which may currently feel out of control or beyond your control.

Ask yourself this; how in control do you currently feel? Would you like to have more control of your emotions, your thoughts, or your habits?

Does Hypnotherapy work for Depression?

Yes. Relaxation and the ability to reduce stress levels are key to reducing the effects of depression and to breaking the cycle of depression. Hypnosis can be utilized to achieve deep levels of relaxation. The other key points of intervention for lifting depression fast are improving sleep quality, building interpersonal skills, quietening the critical inner voice and addressing unmet needs – Hypnosis is also excellent for supporting these positive changes. And the statistics say that effective therapy is more likely to prevent future episodes than ‘other’ treatments.

Ask me about my eight week online hypnotherapy program to lift depression.

Can Hypnosis be used for Sport Performance?

Whether it’s perfecting that Golf swing, or taking the perfect shot, or getting into the zone for the match the one critical difference between success and failure is Control. Control of emotions, control of mental focus, control of your Inner state. Imagine what it would be like to have the ability to have total control, total confidence, total calm – in an instant. Imagine what it would be like if you could soothe those emotions like anxiety, fear and frustration which affect performance and lead to self sabotage. This is why so many top performers look to hypnosis to give them the edge. It’s the difference which makes the difference.

So, how much does it cost?

Pay for individual sessions as you go, or I offer blocks of 3 and 8 sessions. Which is right for you depends on your individual circumstances. I’m always happy to have a conversation about finding the right help and correct support for you. In the first instances please get in touch for a no obligation conversation where we can discuss the right support for you.

How do I book an online hypnotherapy session?

To get in touch or discuss Hypnotherapy and to book an online session, please click the link to arrange a free introduction phone call, or email me directly at

You can also find me / message me on Facebook @thecalmhypnotist

(I will usually reply to emails and DMs within a few hours, or as soon as I’m available.)