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Ready to Stop Procrastination?

Consider what NOT stopping Procrastination is really COSTING you?

How it is damaging your Business, Education, Relationships, Life Style…

It’s important to have goals and intentions in life, but without taking action, those things will never become achievements. And people stay stuck – for anything up to lifetime, dreaming about what could have been. Wondering why it didn’t happen for them.

While other people just seem to have that extra drive, that extra motivation, that ability to get stuff done.

If you’re ready to Stop Procrastinating, become a DOER and to start making things happen then there’s a few things you should know:

The Procrastination Habit can have several different, underlying causes, and shows up in different ways. So, what works for one person to overcome it, might not work for another. Which is why having a personalized program is far more effective than simply reading a book, or following the instructions on a motivational Meme.

The good news is that with the right strategy and system in place, it’s an easy habit to break. What would it be like to have unstoppable momentum and dynamic decision making skills?

What would your life look like in six month time if you became clear and aligned with your intentions, and happily took positive action every single day, without self sabotage, stress or second guessing? Imagine what you could achieve?

Ready to understand why it’s NOT all about a lack of motivation, or just laziness.

Ready to leave the guilt and low self esteem behind?

Ready to Eliminate your Procrastination Habit, permanently?

Let’s create an Individual action plan, with YOU at the core, to help you stop the procrastination habit and give you the results YOU want.

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Whatever your personal reasons for Procrastination – and there are several – one thing is almost universal, and that’s the internal justification process.
The ‘It’s okay’ self talk…
The; ‘I’m too tired right now…so I’ll only do it wrong anyway.’
The; ‘I’ve still got loads of time tomorrow.’
We do this, in part, to ease our sense of guilt and shame for delaying or avoiding a task we know is important (either to us or to someone else). We tell ourselves those little lies as justification for our choices.
And Procrastination does sometimes have POSITIVE benefits.
It helps us relieve or avoid the discomfort of work stress. It means we don’t have to do something we don’t want to.
It also enables us to pleasure seek; to binge watch TV shows, to indulge in food, or explore those unhealthy Vices. (You know the ones!)
The other benefit is that it reinforces our belief system. Justifying it to ourselves helps maintain our model of the world; all the rules and assumptions we live by.
The trouble is, it’s that belief system which is causing you the issue in the first place. And, unless it’s challenged it won’t change!
What you Choose to do when you Procrastinate says a lot about the rules, beliefs and assumptions underpinning the behavior. Whether you daydream, pleasure seek, socialize, find distraction or do other lower priority tasks gives insight into what’s driving your habit, and which unhelpful belief you’re triggering. Solving that provides the best route for you to take back control.
So, if you want to stop Procrastination; become a DOER, an Action Taker and unleash your inner dynamism, take note of those activities you’re choosing, and ask yourself, why them?
What does doing those give you that the other important task won’t? What must you believe in order for that to be true? Where did you learn that?

Unless it’s challenged, it will not change.

Procrastination is usually an OLD habit, and although it sounds like it’s intentional, it’s likely a subconscious choice – something you just find yourself doing.
It’s a habitual response, learned to deal with that particular stress or emotion. Bringing that decision into your conscious, mindful awareness is the first step in fixing it. Go, Do.
What is your Procrastination habit Costing You?
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Fear of Failure
You Know exactly what you have to do…
BUT, the nerves kick in and you find yourself doing something else instead, and don’t even remember how that happened…
Or you avoid ‘Those’ conversations, or taking ‘That’ action because – what if it doesn’t work? What if I get rejected? What if I mess it up?
When people ask me, as a hypnotherapist, about which Fear is the most common, they might expect me to say; Spiders, Flying or Heights…
In fact it’s “Fear of Failure” which I see the most often in practice.
It’s also one of the most life limiting Fears.
You can live a reasonably effective life and avoid spiders, or flying. But failing to explore the possibilities presented to you in life, or not expressing your talents, leaves you short of your potential.
An unfulfilled life; full of Procrastination and excuses.
And then Regret kicks in.
One way to get beyond this is to re-frame failure as feedback. And all feedback is a gift, a learning opportunity. A chance to grow and become a better version on yourself – and that’s a good thing right?
Another is to develop a strong sense of self worth and confidence, and build from a solid foundation of self belief, so that set-backs cannot shake you, or divert you from your mission.
It’s also worth listening to those Doubts, to that critical inner voice and hear who’s voice it really is. And consider if you should let that voice dictate your life?
Sometimes that Fear is useful too. It keeps us safe, it stops us making in-congruent life decisions. Sometimes it acts as a break, a way to check in with ourselves, and how aligned we are to our goals and values.
For some though, this safety mechanism becomes overprotective and stifles opportunity, impedes fun and limits freedom.
If it’s stopping you expressing yourself, or getting on that stage, or joining that group, or starting that business, or talking to that person, then Finding a healthier balance is important for living a fulfilled, happy life.
How does Fear of Failure show up in your world?
How do You keep those doubts quiet and ensure you’re living your dream life?
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