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Struggling with ANXIETY related issues?

Do you crack under pressure? Wilt under the spot light? Have stage fright? Nerves always get the better of you?

Insomnia? Panic? Social fear? IBS?

Whether it’s happening at Work, on the Sports field, in Social settings, or in the Bed Room, ANXIETY issues can affect anyone, at any time of their life.

You may have tried using breathing or distraction techniques, you may have tried grounding or had various talk therapies but been frustrated at getting limited or no success, so you may be wondering: “Is anything going to work for me?”

You may even have started to believe that: “It’s just who I am.” Or “I can’t control it!”

Taking control of your Anxiety:

Many of my previous clients have told me how they felt like this, and how they’d just accepted, ‘it is what it is’. They’d given up on change, given up on hope, and simply expected Anxiety to always be a big part of their every day lives. Even on the “good days” some would be in a constant state of worry that it would ‘show up’ and ruin things.

In fact one previous clients summed things up well when she said she was always; Anxious about her ANXIETY.

It’s those thoughts and fears which lead to Avoidance Strategies. To not going out, to not showing up for that interview, to avoiding intimacy, to not competing, to not talking to people, to not expressing your talents…

But this only leads to limiting your life, limiting your opportunity for enjoyment, pleasure and success.

I don’t need to tell you how some people can spend a whole lifetime stuck in that cycle of: anxiety > failure > shame > low self worth > anger > more anxiety. And end up adopting unhealthy coping mechanisms, battling insomnia, fueling  unhealthy addictions and creating avoidance strategies just to get through life.

But, that’s NOT you? Right?

Getting help, guidance and support through a proven system is a smart move. You know how emotionally draining it has been dealing with your Anxiety on your own, and how much strain those issues have already put on your relationships and on your mental health.

I’ve spent years Helping people to overcome their fears, to solve their underlying stress, recover from those emotional wounds and traumas, build inner confidence and discover how amazing their life can be.

It’s not only about empowering You with the clarity and the Inner Confidence to enjoy life fully, but also to give you the skill set and mindset so that Anxiety is never a problem for you again.

To begin, please get in touch. Click the link to arrange a FREE introduction call where we can discuss your exact needs and create a plan to achieve them.

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