Left a Narcissistic Relationship, but struggling to recover and move on?

Wondering if that’s your life now? If that’s all there is?
It’s about Progress, not Perfection.
It’s about recognizing that recovery from a toxic / Abusive / Narcissistic relationship is a journey and not an event.
But if you are Not making progress on that journey, if you’re stuck in that Negative emotional loop, running through old arguments, asking yourself where it all went wrong… then it’s about recognize and admitting that you need some help and support.
It’s about ACCEPTING that you’re worthy of getting that help. That You matter. That your dreams and aspirations are worth working for. That You and worthy of more.
It’s about RELEASING the pain, the guilt, anger, shame, fear, regret, sadness, frustration… Knowing that these things keep you stuck. That they no longer serve you, or your healing journey.
It’s about building a new IDENTITY and becoming free from Them. Finding new roles, new perspectives, new emotional resources. And finding Yourself in the process.
It’s about SETTING compelling goals and healthy boundaries, so that you can create the life you deserve. And keep yourself facing forward.
And it’s about EMPOWERING yourself with the knowledge, skills, mindset and inner self belief to live free of fear and self sabotage. To grow your confidence and self worth. To step into your power.
To ARISE from what was, and become what could be.
Is this your life now? That’s up to you to decide.