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Better Sex

#3 ways to Eliminate Performance Anxiety and Enjoy Better Sex...

Sexual Performance anxiety Hypnotherapy

Here’s THREE ways Hypnosis can help you enjoy better (and maybe even the best) Sex.

#1 Calming the Anxious Mind:

Pleasure evades the stressed mind. Simply put, when we’re focusing all our attention on worrying about something it becomes increasingly difficult to also enjoy it, or even relax enough to want to enjoy it…

How many times have you avoided doing something because it was too stressful, or the thought of what might go wrong spikes an anxiety attack?

This is particularly true with Men who suffer with Performance Anxiety or Premature Ejaculation. Their fear of finishing too fast, or of not having an adequate enough erection often becomes a self fulfilling prophesy, as all their focus and attention is on the one thing they want to avoid, rather than on enjoying the experience.

(or worse still their focus is on ‘distraction techniques’ like doing times tables, or remembering the names of the world cup squad in 1990 – and is that really what you want to be thinking about while having sex? Really?)

Stress also makes us tense. Physically and Emotionally we tighten up. And when we’re tense physically we notice more pain, which can make ‘things’ uncomfortable.

It’s also the case that in moments of high stress and anxiety when our body goes into the fight / flight / freeze mode, blood flow in redirected away from our genitals. This lessens our sensations, and impacts on both pleasure and performance.

The solution? There are many effective Hypnotherapy techniques which are amazing at reducing stress, tension and anxiety, and which can be used to instill a sense of calm, reassurance and relaxation. These can easily be taught as self hypnosis practices – for use on the go.

Imagine being free from worries about performance, body image, noise, lighting, disturbance, preconceptions, position…

Imagine being completely calm, totally at ease with yourself and being fully present; able to give yourself permission to experience pleasure and to enjoy it…

#2 Connecting with your Body:

I hear from clients all the time that they’re too busy overthinking during sex; worrying about how long they’re going to last, what position is comfortable, if their partner is enjoying it, what they look like, if they’re doing it right, if they’re making too much noise, if they’re not making enough noise, if they’ve remembered to put the bins out…

With all that going on in your heads, it’s no wonder you’re distracted from the experience, and left feeling unfulfilled and uninspired. And worse still you’re missing out on the opportunity for an amazing experience of intimacy and deep connection.

When you can connect with, notice and recognize the various sensations in your body you’re also better able to control them, for example you can be more aware of how to make those small physical adjustments which turn up, or turn down the sensation as required.

It’s also sometimes the case that during moments of intimacy, when we are acutely aware of the sensation in our bodies, that this can be overwhelming. It’s too much because we don’t know how to process or sit with those feelings and sensations – and so we become uncomfortable or reach climax quicker than we’d like.

More connection with the body = more control of the body.

Shifting your attention out of your thoughts and in to experiencing your body also helps you connect more intimately and be more attuned with your partner’s body, and to notice more their levels of arousal and pleasure – and I shouldn’t need to tell you why that’s important.

So how do you Get out of your Head and in to your Body?

Mindful and Autogenic hypnosis techniques are wonderful for helping us re-connect with our body, and enable us to build a better bridge to the feelings, sensations and emotions we experience.

(You can listen to a 15 minute Autogenic hypnosis session here for FREE)

And when we learn to be more connected with our bodies, more dialed in to our feeling, and more accustomed to notice those inner sensations and pleasure signals, wonderful things can begin to happen… which leads me on to…

#3 Amplify the Feelings:

Hypnosis is an amplifier of experience.

There’s a general misconception that hypnosis is all about sleep, or it’s just closing your eyes and drifting off to an altered state of awareness, and while this can sometimes be true, it’s more about your ability to direct your internal focus, to hold your attention, engage your imagination and to keep things in your mind without distraction.

The more you practice Hypnosis, the more you begin to learn about how to do those things, and get to practice those skills, so the more it becomes a powerful tool, both for personal development and also to enjoy amazing sex.

Imagine being able to identify that small tingle of pleasure and to be able to direct your focus and attention onto it in such a way that it grew, and grew, and grew in your awareness, until it was the ONLY thing you were aware of…

Imagine if that small, elusive flame of sensual pleasure became a bright inner fire of passion, and then grew to a luxurious sunburst of orgasmic sensation…

(You may have seen Adult Hypnosis shows where this happens On Stage!)

Now, Imagine if the ability to do That was entirely in your Control…

…I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how that might be wonderfully useful…

Your Imagination is the most powerful sex toy you posses – Use it Well!


If you’d like to talk in full confidence about any of the issues raised above, or for any other hypnosis related questions please either email or message me on Facebook @thecalmhypnotist