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Confused about your Weight Loss Journey

There's a Thousand different things you Could do to lose weight - how do you choose?

weight loss journey

Stuck on your weight loss journey? There’s a Thousand things you “Could” do to lose weight.

There’s countless Diet books, Fitness Regimes, Celebrity Fads. Blogs, Books, Instagram Memes by the million…as well as all that well meaning advice from your friends, colleagues and family.

One thing you’re not missing is information.

The problem is actually too much information. Too much choice. Too many voices. Too many opinions about what’s the best strategy.

And quite simply when there’s too many voices competing – Overwhelm kicks in.

Who do I listen to? Who’s right? Who do I trust? What if I get it wrong again?

And there’s something worse than Overwhelm, more insidious; the notion and belief that if this doesn’t work, then there’s always something else to try…

Which, when you think about it, creates a failure to commit. As you already have an ‘out’ and an ‘excuse’. A next thing you’re going to Try already lined up.

(be honest; do you stick at the same thing for six months and trust the process, or get bored or impatient and find the next shiny thing after a few weeks?)

This is made worse because the information we’re presented with is often competing and conflicting…eat meat vs don’t eat meat, low carb vs low fat, weights vs cardio…and even worse still is that it’s generalized for mass consumption.

Which means it doesn’t have YOU in the center.

And because it doesn’t have your needs, your desires, your life at the heart of it; there’s bits which don’t apply, parts which don’t resonate, things which get dropped or ignored.

So you add in various Bits you like the sound of from other systems and different advice

Taking bits from two ‘Diet’ books, spliced with something from a Meme you read once, added to something your friend did last year, combined with that latest Celeb blog.

And you end up with a Frankenstein’s monster of a plan. Which makes your weight loss journey likely to veer off course, as it’s unclear exactly where you need to go next.

Is it any wonder it doesn’t excite you enough to make it work?

You’ll see this manifest in your results as yo-yo diets, emotional eating, self sabotage, inconsistency, lack of motivation….

Ultimately we all know ‘What’ we should be doing – eating cleaner, drinking more water, getting some exercise – so why do so many of us fail to get our weight under control? Or fail to maintain any progress we do make?

The truth is there’s no right or wrong way to lose weight and get control of your eating. Many different systems work effectively.

But, if you want them to work for YOU, you have to put You at the center of the work.

First: CLARITY is everything. Uncover exactly What you want to achieve and Why – these are far more important than the How.

Because sometimes the How isn’t possible or effective, sometimes there’s going to be bad days and conflict of opinions on How – but the WHY is all yours, it’s the solid foundation for everything you hope to build.

Set a compelling vision of a future You that’s so powerful and so appealing it doesn’t matter How, you’re going to get there. A vision that will pull you toward it, so willingly that success will simply become an unavoidable consequence of every action you take.

So, get crystal clear on What you want. Decide Who do you want to become.

Find Why that’s the most important thing in your life.

Then, Go, DO…

– – –

As a professional hypnotherapist I help my clients create that compelling vision of Who they want to become as well as remove the mental blockages, unhealthy habits and limiting beliefs which prevent progress. If you’d like help removing confusion to find focus and clarity on your weight loss journey, let’s talk.