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Why am I stuck?

Get your Head in the Game!.

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Every new day brings a new set of possibilities and opportunities…

What do you do to “Get your Head in the Game?” to ensure you’re able to first recognize them, and second maximize them?

I regularly talk with people who tell me the story about that BIG opportunity they missed in life because they weren’t in the right place mentally, or were too busy dealing with difficult “shituations” in their daily lives…

The one that got away – and these are only the ones they are aware of. The truth is that every day of our lives we are presented with a range of opportunities and possibilities, many of which barely even register on our attention.

It doesn’t take an expert to tell you that Getting your mental focus in the right place to recognize opportunity and to make well reasoned decisions is foundational for building an effective business and a healthy life.

The biggest reason we miss opportunity? STRESS!

When the mind is stressed, anxious and under threat it’s not concerned with aspirations and goals, or opportunity and vision.

It’s too occupied with rumination and response, too concerned with resolving emotional issues. It’s focus is on escape (flight) or battle (fight) or simply surviving (freeze).

When we’re in this threat response state that becomes our Primary concern, and other functions and systems are taken off line, as they’re deemed not important. Reason and Logic take a back seat to Reflex and Emotion.

So, how do we rectify this?

Clearing your thoughts of anger, fear, doubt, guilt, regret, remorse – these negative ruminations occupy important head space. They disrupt your thinking and narrow your focus.

Invest the time to get your head straight and your mental framing clear, create yourself a positive environment and notice what happens…

Some people attempt to use work as an escape from a turbulent home life – and visa versa – but despite how hard you throw yourself at it, it’s not gong to resolve those underlying issues. It’s simply the wrong strategy for healing and removing stress.

The Calm mind makes better decisions because it’s awake to opportunity. And better decisions create better outcomes.

So heal those wounds. Fix those problems in your environment. Clear those negative emotions, and repair those challenging situations. Free yourself to be alert to new possibility and new options. Then, you’ll find a hundred ways to get unstuck and make the progress you’ve been searching for.

Have an amazing week where every opportunity is golden, and you catch them all