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5 Simple Shifts for Goal Setting Perfection

5 Simple Mental Framing Shifts.

Coaching & Hypnotherapy for Goal Setting Perfection

Ready to set some life goals, and want to know how to achieve goal setting perfection?

Want to turn those aspirations into achievements, but keep hitting setbacks and encountering self sabotage?

Making a few subtle shifts in your thinking and in your Mental Framing can provide the best results when setting out and achieving your Goals.

Here’s five factors to consider when you’re setting objectives, for goal setting perfection. Each will help empower you and improve your chance of success.

► Make certain the Outcomes are within your control:

Can ‘You’ attain the objective, or does it have to be given to you by someone else. For example: Landing your Dream Job, is very different from learning the skills and adopting the attitudes which will make you the ideal candidate for your dream job. Winning the race, is different from achieving your best time. Making a 100k sale is different from developing the knowledge, mindset and confidence to ask for a 100k sale.

► Make sure your objectives are Tangible:

If your goal is to achieve something that you cannot physically hold or empirically measure, how will you (and others) know when you’ve been successful? Being able to test your progress and adapt your methods are a key component to achieving growth. To measure your progress, there needs to be something to accurately measure.

► Feelings do not make good objectives:

“I just want to be Happy!” Feelings are fleeting and circumstantial – like the weather. A cat meme, or an Ice-cream may make you happy in the moment, only to be lost again a moment later, leaving you in that constant cycle of chasing ‘feel good’ emotions. Aiming to be ‘happy’ is different from aiming to achieve the healthy situations, and building the lifestyle which will make you happy. When you Improve You, your situation improves – not the other way round.

► Are you doing it for You?

Goals which require someone else to validate their success are never a good idea, as they’re often unfulfilled and shallow – and what happens when that validation is removed – even if you ever achieve it? Getting fit or losing weight to make someone else happy or with the hope they’ll be more attracted to you is different from adopting a healthy lifestyle to live a better, longer, more productive life. Do it for You; this isn’t selfish, it’s having a healthy self worth. Act with authenticity and align your goals in the same way.

► Is the Outcome something you’d be Proud to share?

Positive intentions are more likely to create success; Revenge, payback or any objectives which involve someone else losing status, or being demeaned in any way are unworthy and dishonest. The mentality of ‘I’m going to win the race’ is different from ‘I’m going to make my competitors lose’. Your aspirations should reflect your desire to be better, not to make someone else worse.

It’s within Your power to achieve the life you want. By setting up compelling, well thought out goals and by making them congruent with your beliefs, the actions and habits which make success the only option will come naturally and easily.

Go, Do…and have fun along the way.