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How do I get more Confidence?

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True Confidence in many respects comes through Competence.
Competency is achieved and acquired through Practice.
Practice requires Effort & Learning, and sometimes Support & Direction.
It’s an Active, Dynamic process. You have to Work on your Confidence.
It’s something which has to be nurtured and grown from within…no one else can simply give it to you (*).
It’s your Responsibility. It’s yours to Control.
It’s within your gift to make the Effort and seek out the Support. Which is great because it puts all the power in your hands.
If you want to be confident in any skill, you have to practice that skill. ✔️
If you want to be confident in social situations, then you need to experience and learn from social situations. ✔️
If you want to be a confident communicator then you need to practice communication. ✔️
If you want to be confident in Yourself, you have to work on and learn to understand Yourself. ✔️
However, there is a mindset hack…a way to boost the process and gain mastery of yourself and your emotions almost immediately…to become magnificent in your inner confidence.
There’s parts of your mind which cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined. Think about watching a film; you know they’re actors on a make-believe set, that it’s all playacting and pretend and yet you get swept along by the story, develop emotional attachments, jump at the scares, cry, laugh…as though it’s real. As though.
You may feel you lack confidence, it’s something many people have felt for many differing reason. What some have found is that by simply acting ‘as though’ they are confident they get the same results as if they were truly confident. Real or imagined – your mind cannot tell the difference.
When you act as though – especially when combined with mental rehearsal and future pacing your success – you can step into your power and turn that confidence on like a switch.
Go. Do. Be.
(*) – Okay so there’s an exception to every rule. One of the many things which Hypnosis is fantastic at is for installing positive new emotions while removing unhealthy negative emotions. How about having Hypnosis to remove that self doubt, and equip you with a Cloak of Confidence which you can wear in any situation? What about installing a self activated trigger which would instantly shift your emotional state and flood you with feelings of certainty and self assurance? That would be useful right?…
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