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Knocked off your path…

Tales of the Unexpected.

It’s been said many times; ‘Life isn’t a straight road.’

We may intend to start each new day with purpose, positivity and a clear destination in mind, but then life throws us a change of direction – an unexpected phone call, a un-predicted delay, a random event which derails our progress and send us off in a new direction. Suddenly we find we’re frustrated, under-prepared, rushing to get things done, fixated with the lack of time, and grumbling to the universe…

“Why does this always happen to me?”

“Why can’t someone else deal with this?”

“Give me a break!”

“Not today, please?”

These are the small things, what happens when life really blind-sides us and pushes us in an unexpected direction, like an illness, an accident, a relationship breaking down, the loss of a job, or the loss of a loved one? And it’s not only ‘negative’ events which can throw your life off-balance, how about the arrival of a new child, a lottery win, a promotion. These events can leave us in a place of confusion and stress. Because they change our ‘normal’ they force us to challenge our established perception of the world and make us question and re-evaluate the nature of our roles, our relationships, and our purpose.

All too often I speak to people who tumble from crisis to crisis, never fully finding themselves, never fully understanding their new direction, their new place in reality, before life throws another detour at them. They may have spent years going around and around in circles, leading unfulfilled, unproductive and ineffective lives, constantly trapped as the ‘victim’ of circumstance.

The truth is, situations happen every day which we are unprepared for, and which can leave us feeling frustrated and confused at best, or lost and in crisis at worst.

While we cannot prepare or rehearse our responses to every single opportunity, every chance, every random event, what many have found is that there are ways we can prepare ourselves and our minds to cope better with what life throws our way.

We can develop a deep and certain understanding of our own motivations and desires, our own reasons and purpose, so that when life presents us with a detour, we don’t lose sight of the original destination. We can set goals which are so compelling that they shine with clarity through any distraction, guiding us like a lighthouse across the sea of emotional turbulence.

By engaging with and staying true to our core beliefs, values and identity we can ensure that we stay on the right path to deliver our purpose.

In a world full of detours, the only certainty we can ever have is the certainty in ourselves. Certainty in who we are, and what we want to become. Ultimately, if you don’t know where you’re going, how are you going to get there when the path is never straight?

Think back five years ago, what were your hopes and aspirations then? Did you achieve them? If not, what stopped you?

Now, think back ten years ago. What diversion or detours have you already had to overcome in life?

When faced with a difficult life choice – a fork in the road, right or left – how do you chose the best path?

It’s always true that the Calmest mind which makes the best decisions – being able to manage your emotions skillfully and wisely when life throws you a detour will help you reach your destination.