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Mind the Gap

How to get Unstuck.

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Mind the Gap…

Often in life it can feel like there is a gap between where we are and where we’d like to be. A gap between us and the things we’d like to achieve, between our current life and the life we desire…

It’s the actions which separate our Aspirations from our Achievements.

It may be appear as a gap in knowledge, a gap in status or in our emotional states. Or it may manifest as a feeling of longing for something different, or as discontent with your current situation.

Crossing that gap involves changing some aspect of ourselves, some growth or personal improvement. Maybe it’s changing a situation, learning a new skill, developing a new habit or even adopting a new attitude.

Sometimes the steps to get across this gap are clear, mostly they are not. Often the gap is so large we can’t even see the destination, we just know we need to get there…if only we could see a way…

And sometimes some ‘thing’ holds us back from even taking the first steps…and more often than not, the thing holding us back is our own beliefs and behaviours.

➡️ Where do you need to be?

➡️ What steps are required to get there, that you’re aware of?

➡️ Who’s responsible for making a start?

➡️ What’s really stopping you from beginning the journey?

➡️ What’s one thing, one step you could take next?

Are you ready to clear your path and walk with certainty towards the life you desire?

The first steps is always to gain Clarity. When you’re 100% crystal clear on exactly Where / Who / What you want to be, often the path to get there presents itself.